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May 23 2018

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1998 nickelodeon trade ad

It’s amazing how they could make an ad from 1998 that looks like a shitpost made a week ago.

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I found a Pokemon book at Toys R Us and…

This took a dark spin and I wasn’t ready

I looked this up and by “bike gang” they apparently meant literal bicycles.

Upon further research, James was in the same gang and had to use training wheels.

I was at first going to say “I thought every  one knew this” and then I remembered “Duh Not everyone is as old as me… “  T_T  god I’m old.

Dont gloss over the part where she also went to nursing school to become a Pokemon Center Nurse. She flunked out but made best friends with a Chansey! Basically everything in that blurb has happened at some point in the anime 

I don’t think the thing with her mom was though, that was released as a radio play. Madame Boss (Giovanni’s mother) Sent Jessie’s mom (in Japan known as Miyamoto) and tried to convince Mew to let her catch it by showing it a picture of Jessie


So… the reason why Giovanni keeps Jesse around is because his mother ruined Jesse’s life by taking away her mother, and he feels guilty about it? 

It actually kinda makes sense,

I can’t believe Mew fucking murdered Jessie’s mom

Please, just give me a spinoff series about Team Rocket.

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billie is a fucking gift




me when offered soda: yes. love the bübblés
me when offered water: yes! a fresh and sexy beverage
me when offered sparkling water: Why Are You Trying To Murder Me Under The Guise Of Hospitality

I’m gonna keep saying it: sparkling water is Angry Water and I do not need that kind of negativity in my life

Sparkling water is like sprite except instead of sugar they use hatred and sadness


Peter Parker: sometimes……. it’s Yeet or Be Yeeted

Tony Stark: I am begging you to just stop talking.








Hemp is just generally more efficient for things that wood does. You can make boards out of hemp that are stronger than wood. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper and that ugly bitch is still around?

It takes wood 50 to 500 years before it’s viable for use as a material for paper, while hemp is only a few hundred days. Hemp paper can also be recycled three times more than wood pulp. You can produce 10 tons of hemp per acre in four months. It’s so much more efficient than wood.

Ugly bitch?

Yeah America and it’s constitution and the declaration of Independence are pieces of shit

You willing to meet me in Vegas and fist fight to back up your opinion?

Don’t talk shit if you aren’t willing to fight for it.

This is literally the funniest thing you could have said in response to this.

I’m being serious. You’re a 19 year old commie though so you wont show up because that requires actual work.

I understand you’re being serious, that’s why it’s so funny.

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Venom is a better husband than DJ Khaled.





i have to say, i’ve grown a fondness for palpatine. he’s just…. so completely, wholly, and entirely evil. he’s so evil i don’t think, “evil,” covers it. i think in the pit of dead sith lords he exists in, now, the other sith lords stay away from him because He’s Just So Evil. i mean, this guy looked at tiny anakin, “the biggest problem in the galaxy is that no one helps each other,” skywalker and said, that one. i want that one, and i want to destroy him and warp him so utterly he will be unrecognizable.

and it’s not like he particularly needed darth vader or anything, that was just icing on the cake. he was already well on his way to taking the republic down, he had the jedi’s kill switch in place, and then he just decides to corrupt the chosen one because he could. it’s like the blowout sale of democracy, and palpatine is the one clearing out the story. i will take away your FREEDOM, your BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, i will commit ATROCITIES UNPARALLELED, and i think i’ll take your 9 year old, too. throw him in. everything he does to anakin is so horrifying, but it’s just palpatine taking a victory lap. he’s not only going to crush the jedi and the republic, he’s gonna turn their chosen one into the face of his empire and have him hunt down the last remnants of their order. he did all of that just because he could. palpatine is an unparalleled MONSTER and i kind of love it

He has so many plans and absolutely nothing in the way of a redemption arc, and that is why he is the best/my favourite villain.

@forcearama I feel like you ghostwrote this!

AHHH I am loving how many “what a delightful horrible gargoyle with no redeeming qualities whatsoever” Palpatine posts we’ve been getting lately. HE IS THE BEST VILLAIN. THE BEST. I love that he is absolutely and totally cartoon-levels of goofy and yet he’s also pretty good at his job. 

His plan was INSANE and ridiculous (the long con! hiding in plain sight! corrupting the chosen one! billions of battle droids doing his bidding on one side, and A FUCKING CLONE ARMY ON THE OTHER.) AND IT WORKED! 

I love that Ian is just perfect in this role (and God how much fun it must have been to just be like “there is literally no way for me to do TOO MUCH scenery-chewing here so I’m just gonna go for it”), I love that Sidious is just evil, I love that there’s no Tragic Backstory that tries to justify his actions, I love knowing that Palpatine would 1200% come back from the dead and do it all again the second the writers get desperate enough to resurrect him. 

There’s a part of me that delights in all of the meta that floats around here about Where The Real Evil in the Republic Was After All, because I feel like Sidious would just eat that crap up. (“Yes, excellent, absolutely we should all be focusing on those guys,” he says, smirking in the corner as the fandom heatedly debates the Jedi Order’s jurisdiction and whether or not someone should have proposed some bill or another in the Senate. “I’ll just be over here…talking to Anakin…”)


my followers anytime I post anything

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Odin’s Children




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A summary of Bruce Banner in Infinity War.


It’s been a long day. I’m super tired and just chilling on my laptop in the living room while my dad watches the Food Network in the background. I wasn’t paying attention in the slightest. Then, suddenly and with the diaphragm strength of an Ancient Greek orator projecting to the very last soul in the last row of the amphitheater, a single word erupts from the depths of my subconscious.


It wasn’t until my dad’s “What the hell?!” that I blink and look up to see the label “1/4 cup of beetroot” on the screen. 

I’m like a Russian Sleeper Agent but so much worse and utterly useless beyond shouting memes on command before I even know what’s leaving my mouth.

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4800 players, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Speedrun

its not even music anymore it’s just a shockwave that kills you instantly



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Idk a doodle that got out of hand. Me still wishing Nihlus lived


because that’s how it is in this bitch of an earth


nu-wave capitalism trying to appeal to millennials like

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