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April 30 2017

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Gorn with the Wind

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I said it once n Ill say it again. Let . girls. be. disgusting. little. oily. gremlins.

Fantasy Biology: Infectious Vampirism (The Vampire)


One of my very special Patrons had this to say about the potential biology of a vampire:

Unless it was some sort of creature that dwelled in the depths of the underwater abyss, I refuse to believe that evolution would come up with a creature that reacted THAT BADLY to sunlight. Extremely pale skin leaving them very prone to squamous cell carcinoma perhaps, but turning to dust, Buffy style? No. If they’ve grown wise to this no wonder they avoid the sunlight. See also garlic. Perhaps they struggle with anaemia when faced with alliums? Certainly wouldn’t be the first species.

And I would have to agree. Spending a full 50% of your time in mortal (immortal?) danger because you spontaneously combust in sunlight is what one might call a ‘risky evolutionary strategy’. It’s simply not a wise evolutionary choice, and evolution is geared towards trying to keep you alive and reproducing.

You probably have your own mental image of what a vampire looks like. Stylish, lean, pale and fanged. But, personally, I think it’s more probable that a vampire looks like this:


No, I’m not trolling you. That’s an intracellular parasite called babesia. It’s a protozoa, which means while it’s a single celled organism (except when reproducing) it’s not a bacterium. It still has a nucleus and most of the cellular machinery that animal cells have. This one evades the host’s immune system by living inside the host’s cells, red blood cells in this case.

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Me: we might find the required activity annoying or unpleasant but it is vastly less unpleasant than the ramifications of failing to perform said activity
my brain: we’re not gonna do it
me: literally you are not understanding, failure to do this very small although annoying task will ruin us and - 
my brain, slamming pots and pans together: WE ARE NOT GONNA DO IT




I’m putting it out there that using round wide eyes to implicitly state innocence and purity in a character; and small “slanty” eyes to convey dishonesty and deceit in your antagonist is actually racist lmfao.

I see some of you bring out this concept in you character designs over and over and yeah it’s not a conscious thought process but thinking “this is the evil character who is morally decrepit - how should I really bring that out in their image?” And then linking that immediately to drawing smaller eyes is racist yellow peril derived stereotyping.

I’m sure most of us have been guilty of this at some stage including myself so can we all just grow up and leave this bullshit behind in this year? 谢谢

Other “evil” looks based in bigotry:

- dark/heavy/thick eyebrows (racism/antisemitism)

- hooked noses vs “cute”/button/patrician (ditto)

- faces described as angular (as opposed to like strong-boned or whatever)

- “swarthy” complexion (thanks tolkien)

- blonde hair/blue eyes = hero/ine

- accents.

- “shifty eyes” iirc, I remember learning they just indicate a lot of thinking, which could be lying, yes, orrr dealing with a second language/unfamiliar dialect, or dealing with NTs as someone who’s not, or trying to figure out if the authority figure is trying to get you to agree to something they can use against you, or…

Bigotry around disability that often intersects with racism includes making villains or “shifty” characters dramatically scarred and/or having acne/acne scars, missing eyes or limbs/digits, walking with a limp and/or cane, missing and/or crooked teeth (this one can also be pretty classist, and “buck teeth” and a gap between the front teeth have a history of anti-Asian and anti-Black caricature behind them, respectively), overweight in a way that’s portrayed as “disgusting” proof of their “greed” or like moral decay or whatever, etc! 

These visual markers often get layered on top of the above racist stereotypes to make a character’s design seem more “untrustworthy” or “creepy” or “unsettling,” hypersexualized/fetishized/desexualized, “aggressive” or “passive”, “mean and “scary” or “cowardly and despicable”, and so on and so on - always ask yourself and your subconscious WHY they do these things!  And ABSOLUTELY hold yourself accountable for this, (my fellow white artists especially!!!)!  Fighting the racist messages we’ve taken in our entire lives takes work, and it takes time, and it’s always worth doing. 


I like to call my chickens “beasties” or “fat little monster trucks” and other such affectionate terms, but dad seems to take offence whenever I do and always gently refers to them as “the girls,” “the ladies” and sometimes “the dames” when he’s putting them away, like he’s a butler shepherding a group of well-bred country lasses into the parlour for tea 

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he is making a purchase

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One night I couldn’t find sleep I realised hogwarts bathrooms were never described (and I was craving onsens because since I discovered them I’m obsessed) and I was thinking onsens would super fit hufflepuffs ! Then I tried to imagine the other houses’ bathrooms … So here it is !

It was a great exercise for me as I never design backgrounds !
(uh tumblr presentation is shitty ;_;)

Look at this Slytherin Bathroom! *falling in love*

This is brilliant, all that time and effort gone into this. I love the Slytherin bathroom the most.

See this is one of the reasonds I love slytherin. We have the best bathrooms.

This is so detailed and creative and brilliant! I love it 😍

This is absolutely incredible and so imaginative A+ GREAT JOB

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Blaster Buds!


who here is

  1. a gay cryptid
  2. a supporter of gay cryptids
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this looks like a skyrim dupe glitch

Do you really believe … that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident.

Moderata Fonte, pseudonym of Modesta Pozzo (1555-1592). She was an Italian writer from Venice who wrote religious and romantic poetry. Modesta is best known, however, for the posthumously published The Worth of Women: Wherein Is Clearly Revealed Their Nobility and Their Superiority to Men (via historical-nonfiction)

wow.. she woke.

(via emulgent)

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the fall of a queen

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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

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