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February 05 2018


were you an atlantis the lost empire, the road to el dorado, sinbad legend of the seven seas, or treasure planet kid

February 03 2018


the signs as tags gay ppl use

Aries: #op turn your location on

Taurus: #i hate this

Gemini: #bye

Cancer: #god

Leo: #stop

Virgo: #please

Libra: #screaming

Scorpio: #get the fuck

Sagittarius: #i’m gonna die

Capricorn: #girl…

Aquarius: #we been knew!

Pisces: #fish henny

(check sun & rising)

February 02 2018



hey why don’t discos still exist






A barbarian warlord, a goblin king, a mighty necromancer, and a dark elven high priestess meet for one reason… To play Suburbs and SUVs, the hottest mundane suburban family Tabletop RPG!

“Can I roll to have a meltdown in the middle of the PTA bakesale?”


“To make Karen look like a bitch.”

I like this post because if you follow the analogy, the characters are going to explore the suburbs and fight an SUV. 

“The SUV turns on its headlights. You are now considered blinded for *rolls a d4* 3 rounds.”

Finally a use for “I attack the gazebo.”

I’m 100% sure there is a youtube series for this and it’s fucking hilarious



you wouldn’t download a windows update

Play fullscreen

A Historical Get Ready With Me - 1808 Regency Edition

I found this lovely lady who’s done several historical fashion videos. I highly suggest you watch her videos, she’s very funny! And if you think she looks familiar, you might have seen the gifs of her Real Women - Beauty Through The Decades The Realistic Way video floating around tumblr!




Wearing pyjamas to bed = equipping the most visually appealing armour.

Wearing comfy clothes to bed = equipping the statistically best armour.

Wearing jeans to bed = equipping an awful piece of gear for a crucial stat increase or buff.

Wearing nothing to bed = speedrunner.

I love this because it implies that going to bed requires combat

The fight for sleep and good rest

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i miss those places

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this is honestly one of my all tim favorite hsitorical pictures because of the three dudes that are just LOSING it in the front

A good sax solo be like that.

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so apparently when my sister and i were little we took golfing classes and we got kicked out after a week. the reason being that the old white male instructor kept calling my 4 year old sister Maria “Mary” after she told him several times that her name is pronounced Maria. anyway, at one point, he tells her “well, that doesn’t matter anymore. you’re in America now.” and that distressed my sister so much that she hit him with her golf club.

that’s not what did the damage, though. what fucked that old dude up is that i saw my sister hit him from where i was standing and i ran over and started beating him with MY golf club. my mom says that i didn’t know what the hell was happening, but i squared up.

that’s why we got kicked out.

if you can’t ride with me like this we can’t be friends





Hey so, I is there anyone talking about how soft and pure Heimdall is? If not why.

Like… He’s a great warrior, and he sees all but listen… He turns into a vigilante saviour of the asgardian ppl but he behaves like the kindest carer? I there’s no aggressiveness in him. The no aggressive ways of addressing the ppl no commanding tone.

“come on hide in here” he says with the softest and most apologetic voice, and as if he tried to show the ppl who left their home or lost their loved ones in a hurry to save their lives, and that he is sorry for it.

When he speaks there is no sound, everyone listens. But it’s more like silence because of awe and deeply rooted respect instead of imposed silence.

He simply says “Asgard!…” and everyone shuts the hell up? He doesn’t even raise his voice or pleads for their attention. The one word. It ’s all it takes.

He literally excuses himself to the ppl he is protecting for killing the enemies

and then apologises to them for having to see him kill

Then he urges the family he’s protecting to follow him with the softest tone and voice like a literal father would to his kids. The he is full of care, and love.

This isn’t an obligation, and it isn’t a duty… He’s doing it because he literally cares.

I feel like the people of Asgard have so much respect for him, but derived from the kind of respect you get from paternal or parental behaviour, and and not because he is a king or a mighty warrior, or the keeper of the bifrost.

It has nothing to do with titles it’s just plain human feels.

I think it’s so important about his character nd even these short scenes provided a lot more insight to his personality and his relationship with the Asgardian ppl than any of the other movies combined.

So pls talk about this it’s so pure.

I haven’t been able to put my finger on why Heimdall is so important to me. This is it. This is what it is.

I don’t want to read too much into his character because, y’know, we’ve seen so very, very little of it, but I feel like this is because he is first and foremost an Observer.

He can see all the ways people are awful to one another, both in big ways and in small, and then he can see how those things affect the people around them.

He can see how people hurt and why.

He can see what good leadership looks like, how people socialize effectively, how people want to be treated.

And he doesn’t just horde this information, and he doesn’t use it for evil. He is a good, compassionate person. Which is likely due to his innate personality, in part, but consider the following from Neil Gaiman’s essay about the importance of libraries:

[F]iction…build[s] empathy. When you watch TV or see a film, you are looking at things happening to other people….You get to feel things, visit places and worlds you would never otherwise know. You learn that everyone else out there is a me, as well. You’re being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you’re going to be slightly changed.

Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than self-obsessed individuals.

Now, imagine the kind of empathy Heimdall has after untold years of being able to watch real-time “films” of his people dealing with fallout from Odin and Hela, from Thor and Loki, from alien!Chris Eccleston whose name I have forgotten.

Imagine the kind of empathy Heimdall has after untold years of being able to watch real-time “films” of the other realms, worlds where his people have fought and killed and (judging by those murals Hela is so fond of) enslaved other people, spread their family drama to other families who had their own drama but now have to deal with Asgardian drama, too, and with a sword in their face besides.

Imagine the kind of empathy Heimdall has after untold years of being able to watch real-time documentaries from the perspective of his nominal enemies any time he chooses to do so.

For anyone with any natural tendency toward compassion, Heimdall’s power would be immensely humbling, and has likely sharpened his empathy to a point where moving gently, softly, carefully through the world is the only way he can conscionably do so. 

What the hell this is such a fuckin good analysis wow

I never thought of it that way… But it makes sense.

And to be honest this man has watched all these people grow up and live their lives for so long, and considering how small asgard is too, and what they’ve all been through, they re quite close.

He really is the most competent leader, he is compassionate, he cares about the people first and foremost, he knows how to protect them. Without making them feel unsafe just for a second and he knows how to behave to keep the trust ans to keep the panic low.


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happy marriage, loser.

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analog electronics are obviously less efficient and usually clunky but they have a quality to them that i really love. theres a good brian eno quote on it

This one?


literally one of the most iconic scenes in prisoner of azkaban is the twins telling harry that wood is in the showers trying to drown himself because they lost the quidditch game where harry almost died




holy fucking shit apparently after the events of Back At It Again In Krispy Kreme the starring acrobat (who teaches tumbling now) stuck the landing then calmly walked out the door as 100+ people stood in silence processing what they had just seen

the police came to his house later and just said not to do it again

thank you @eightfilms for linking me to the most satisfying possible aftermath of a vine I could ever want


2018 really is blessed cause ive been wondering if he was still alive for 2 years now

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no one hates hux as much as domhnall gleeson

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He was an activist who inspired millions to fight for their rights. He knew what was wrong with our country and risked his life to help his people achieve equality.  In the society where black were treated like animal he did everything possible to change this. His brave soul, his will and courage changed the history of America , changed the people. He made us believe we can win this war. He payed for it with his life. He will always be remembered.

Respecting his memory also means acknowledging that his fight is far from over, black people are facing the same issues that ha birth to the Black Panthers, and that the FBI is basically trying to launch COINTELPRO 2.0 against BLM and other black activists. Hampton should be more than a history lesson, he should be a rallying point.

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